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special offer!

Traveling between

today and 30/04/2021?

* Low Season Rates

* 15% discount on vehicle daily rate

6 - 14 days rental - Complimentary fridge/freezer

* 15+ days rental - Complimentary camping equipment


LIMITED Time Offer

Completing your booking and payment between today and 30/03/2021?

Receive a 10% discount on your booking!

Terms & Conditions

*The booking has to be made and confirmed through Advanced Car Hire in order for the special to apply.

*Your booking has to abide by the payment terms and conditions.

*Special offers only apply to new bookings and not exisiting bookings. 

*In order to be eligible for this special offer your booking has to be confirmed and paid for between the mentioned dates or your entire rental period has to take place between the mentioned dates. Depending on which special offer you are interested in. 

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